Friday, May 15, 2009


There has been great persistence of supporters along the years who against adversities and side by side with Maria and other dedicated volunteers, have given The Dhaka Project a push from the zero ahead to the top level it once has reached !
Rania Turk is one of these supporters!
Going back through The Dhaka Project's 4 years history her commitment can be found very frequently.
And now Rania has fundraised 500.00 AED towards the renewal of the sponsorship to Rakib. She managed to sell photos to save this pretty sum and keep helping this child.
Also she has got a few beauty products to donate to TDP!
Another example more often referred is Manuel de Sousa, who once again took care of two nice donations - a donation of 1,500.00 AED from an anonymous donor and another donation of 300.00 AED left by an anonymous family in his mailbox.
We present our huge thanks to Rania and these anonymous donors, as well as our appreciation of Manuel's dedication, on behalf of The Dhaka Project children !!!

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