Sunday, May 17, 2009


Such generosity come from Baby Shop to The Dhaka Project got us completely amazed !
They made a donation of 100's of kilos of children new clothes, yet in the boxes, some still having the tags !
Lets hope that a way can be found to get this wonderful cargo to Dhaka as well as the needed green lights on the other side so that they reach their targets and provide the much needed warmth to our children !
Our students showing their gratitude to Baby Shop!
And once again... D'Sousa Family was highly committed in this donation; not only they managed to get the donation from Baby Shop but also they brought it from the other side of town to our mezzanine at Sheikh Zayed Road!
A great thanks to Baby Shop for the immense kindness they put in this fantastic donation on behalf of our children at The Dhaka Project ; what a difference this will hopefully make at the field in Gawair !
Thanks once again to D'Sousa Family! They really do it!!!

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