Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The Athletae Christi Group in Dubai, are supporting The Dhaka Project for the second time in a short period of time, with a precious donation in last December as published by that time in this blog and with a big sponsorship this time.
This action has been kindly coordinated by two members of the group, Freddy and Karla Becker, and counted once again with the high commitment of Lorena Serrano. They arranged a meeting with Marcelo Taborda who made a presentation and explained the project's objectives to the Athletae Christi members.And after the presentation they decided to sponsor 15 children for one year, having delivered the amount of 9,000.00 AED for that purpose.
It's delightful to have a sponsorship that will help a numerous group of children from among those who are not sponsored yet and who will begin to benefit of a consistent help.
The team feels grateful for the Athletae Christi Members' kindness and precious help, and wishes to express it on behalf of the kids under the care of The Dhaka Project !!!

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