Friday, May 8, 2009


Nearly 4 years after the first breath that originated The Dhaka Project when Maria Conceicao visited Dhaka in April 2005 for the first time and had a look around during a layover, it got officialy registered in Dubai.
The Official Registration document can be viewed here!
Many have been the steps and the efforts done to achieve this registration.
Many have been the worries suffered by a few volunteers towards this goal...
...Dr. Syed Faran has been fully involved in this proccess, having been giving a lot of him along these years, donating his time, donating his skills as a lawyer, donating expenses to meet and talk with Maria; a precious and unvaluable donation !
...Naim Zaidi and Dr. Sabrina Zaidi who had a few meetings with Dr. Syed Farhan to push the proccess forward.
We would like to address huge thanks to Dr. Syed Fahran, Naim Zaidi and Dr. Sabrina Zaidi on behalf of The Dhaka Project children !!!

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