Friday, May 15, 2009


We are thrilled about this donation and so will be the lucky kids who are going to be given a branded new high quality pair of shoes.
This donation comes to us by the kindness of Shoe Mart , a company implanted in Dubai and in several countries of the Middle East, with a tradition to help the most in need, and contains 261 pairs of shoes that fulfill any teenager's dreams, as it can be seen in the picture in which the "Lucky Stars" are working hard to help organize the suitcases to be sent to Gawair in Dhaka.

The volunteers "Lucky Stars" helping to pack the shoes !
The TDP Team sends a tremendous thank you to Shoe Mart for this beautiful gift on behalf of The Dhaka Project children! Let's hope we will soon see them wearing these new shoes !
Also we wish to say thanks to Roger and Maureen Hall who had got this donation to their charity but having it in excess suggested this donation to be directed to The Dhaka Project.
Finally our gratitude to D'Sousa Family (including their Lucky Stars) for getting part of this donation from Shoe Mart to our storage room and for taking care of and packing the other part !!!

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