Monday, May 11, 2009


Thanks to all donors who have dropped loads of used items in our mezzanine store.
A few of these donors who we address our deep gratitude are Charlotte Carr, Emma Louise, Donald, Lola Lopez, De Sousa Family and Suzie Simonian who donated all sorts of very useful clothes.
These donations demand tidiness and organization to get everything ready so the sales can be done, or the packs can be delivered to volunteer pilots or crew who are flying to Dhaka. .
The last Garage sales had the following results:
  • 17-04-09 840.00 AED done by Nurul and Solange.
  • 24-04-09 1,140.00 AED done Nurul and Solange.
  • 01-05-09 1,047.00 AED done Nurul and Solange.
  • 02-05-09 420,00 AED done by Solange - extra sale on customers' request.
  • 08-05-09 1,240.00 AED done by Nurul and Solange.
Two Brazilian Emirates pilots, Kalina Comenho and someone who wishes to stay anonymous, took a load of items to Dhaka; both visited the project and Kalina felt touched, and got moved to keep helping.
Solange Barros selected the items and delivered them at pilots' houses at her own expenses as usual... these packs had essential items as soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, pencils, erasers, children and baby clothes, etc.
Solange Barros has been our working star, in tidying the store each time a load is drop there by donors. Solange's stamina and dedication is incredible! How can a human being be commited in a variety of roles in so many fronts !? Tidying the store, doing Garage Sales, selecting items and packing them, tagging the packs, taking them to the pilots, spending family income and her time, all in the name of a wellness provided to the children in which she truly believes.
Nurul Islam is another example of continuous cooperation along these months after he started working with Emirates in Dubai, having attended all Friday Garage Sales and some Saturday events.
A great thanks to the volunteer pilots, Anonymous and Kalina Comenho, for having taken those precious gifts to ease the kids' life at the field in Gawair!!!
Also The Dhaka Project is continuously grateful to all donors of items, to the store keeper Solange Barros and to Bangladeshi volunteer Nurul Islam for the persistence and determination they lend to the cause of the poor slums' children now under our care.
Thank you !

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