Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sponsorship from Singaporean Women's Group
We feel grateful to the Singaporean Women's Group who decided to sponsor two of our kids for one year.
To perform this kind gesture we have been handed 1,200.00 AED through our volunteer Marcelo Taborda, a very important helping hand to our work, come from a group who have helped us at least once before .
Thanks in particular to Natasha Aswani and Aini Yunus. Also great thanks to the Singaporean Women's Group in general for this precious support given to the children under our care !

Birthday donation from Malou.
Also we got a beautiful donation from a very young girl, Malou, who is repeating her gesture of handing her birthday gifts to The Dhaka Project children with the help of her mum Uschi.
We are talking about a girl who recently celebrated her 5th anniversary and has come forward to help us for the second time.She asked her friends to bring some gift in funds at their choice to The Dhaka Project children instead of bringing presents to her,... and she collected 3,445.00 AED, a sum that made us be very happy, and so was she when handing it in Maria's hands.
Our gratitude is immense to this little girl Malou, and we wish to say a tremendous thank you for her kindness, on behalf of ou children!

Donation from Arunas Salon
We've had donations from our great supporters, Arunas, who donated 200.00 AED, and Grace who works for Arunas and made a donation of 100.00 TK. Let's remark that both have once been in Dhaka where they lent an important helping hand with items and training skills to set up this very beautiful beauty salon in the picture.
Huge thanks to both Arunas and Grace !!!

Donation in Dhaka
An anonymous donor was happy to contribute with 30 bars of soap and 72 toothbrushes !
Great ! A very nice help towards the hygiene of our students!
Thanks a lot to this anonymous soul for his/her kindness !!!

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