Monday, July 13, 2009


From the day that The Dhaka Project took its first breath, the organization has relentlessly worked its heart out in bringing up smiles and joy on the millions of young faces that are being held captive by the unforgiving slums of Dhaka. Neglected and isolated, people in the slums were living life under the worst case of poverty imaginable. But, just as when things looked done and dust, thanks to some very special people, there seemed to be a way of freeing the unfortunate families and the underprivileged children from the cobweb of poverty.
The following string of events initiated by Maria Conceicao - The Founder, led to the birth of “The Dhaka Project.”
Since then, The Dhaka Project has tried to excel in each and every aspect that it has set eyes on, always keeping in mind its moto which reads “To break the cycle of poverty in slums of Dhaka through education and social development.”
Against all odds, The Dhaka Project has worked its way to yet another milestone. Yes, The Dhaka Project celebrated its 4th anniversary on the 4th of July. After its establishment in 2005, The Dhaka Project has come a long way to where it is now.
We started with a mere 39 children under our facility and now we have more than 450 children. A clear clarification of how successful we really have been! As we look back on to our four years of journey we see a lot of children prospering from The Dhaka Project School. Adults earning a living due to the help from our Adult Development Program and families living a better and healthier life due to various facilities.
But none of these could have been achieved, if it wasn’t for our well wishers. On such an occasion, The Dhaka Project would like to gratefully thank everyone who has been involved with The Dhaka Project. The volunteers- who have dedicated their skills into bringing change to the lives of many, the Donors- who have always supplied us with goods and commodities, vital for the children and the working Staff- who keep The Dhaka Project running as smoothly as it does.
The Dhaka Project thanks its entire family and wishes that such people keep coming in to help us in our deed of saving the lives of innocent children from the slums of Dhaka…..

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