Tuesday, July 14, 2009


On the 20th of June, Maria, Sharon and Ibrahim decided to distribute away some goods that they bought for The Dhaka Project. The huge hearted distributors spent a massive total of about 501,088.00 BDT or 7,200.00 USD in buying goods and commodities for the children and also arranging some repair work to be taken place in the EK School. They were intent on showing their love and kindness towards The Dhaka Project and all its children and so, they brought a little something for everyone.This achievement has been possible thanks to a very generous donation come from Jebel Ali School in Dubai who keep all the time thinking about ways to help The Dhaka Project children. Almost all these goods heve been bought with their donation.
According to a volunters' report they acquired the following list of items with this donation:
  • 1756 kilos of rice
  • 18 cans (of 2.5 kilos) of milk
  • 18 boxes of cerelac for nursery kids
  • 474 soaps
  • 439 tooth brushes
  • 439 tooth pastes
  • 7 packs of diapers (84 each)
  • We paid for the after school uniforms
  • 10 bikes to be bought
  • 10 tickets for kids to go to Nepal
  • Our bill came to 24,439.00 AED for all the above including bikes and tickets for the 10 kids
The "little something" included rice, sterilac baby meal, Nido milk, baby beds and diapers along with toothpastes, toothbrushes, soaps, shoes and tailor made clothes. They also wanted to do some repair and decorating work and so they decided to get the damaged chairs in the school fixed and to provide some floor mats for the EK School. Apart from that, they also bought two air-conditioners to be fitted in The Dhaka Project guest house.
It was a very special moment as Maria (founder of The Dhaka Project) was in between us. Its not everyday that we get to see Maria Conceicao, a resident of Portugal all the way here in Dhaka! So we knew that we had something special in our hands.
Maria, in co-operation with Sharon and Ibrahim presented all the parents with a pack of NIDO milk (2.5kg) along with a pack of sterilac meal for their children, who were being taken care of at The Dhaka Project-Day Care Centre. They also distributed baby beds for the Day Care Centre. Furthermore, the families were provided with diapers for their infants.
On the other hand, the elder children from EK were distributed with sufficient quantity of rice, tooth brush, toothpaste and soap which would last them for about one month. As if all that they had done was not enough, Maria, Ibrahim and Sharon went on to distribute good quality, luxury shoes from SHOE MART amongst the children. Our heartiest gratitude to SHOE MART once again who gleefully keep on donating.
Every parent was very grateful and obliged with the help that their children had received, as they had never imagined providing their children with such facilities and opportunities.
Such a huge contribution has had a very significant impact on The Dhaka Project and it will always be valued and appreciated by us.
The Dhaka Project expresses the deepest of gratitude to Maria, Sharon and Ibrahim who have influentially aided us with their kind distribution.
On behalf of The Dhaka Project children and families, our huge thanks go to all at Jebel Ali School; they are dedicated friends and let us without words to their kindness.
Thank you Jebel Ali !

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