Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The EK exam report cards were given out on the 5th of July. As expected, all the teachers and students were keenly anticipating what the day would bring. The event was a very special one as it was quite an achievement for the poverty led children to be actually getting something out completely based on the education that they received from The Dhaka Project, its teachers and its volunteers. A lot of effort had gone into arranging such a program to distribute the results.
But it did not end there. Not only did the teaching staff distribute the results but they also spent ample time with individual parent, explaining to them what result their child had achieved and advising them about what they could do to help their child.
This had to be done to ensure that the learning curve that the children were in was a stable and continued one. Yes, there were times when each counseling session stretched to beyond hours, but the teachers held their patience and delivered their message clearly.

The parent’s, from their perspectives needed to know exactly how their children were doing and what could be done on their side to bring about further improvement. They really found the counseling session helpful as they were briefed about everything that they needed and wanted to know. Having talked with the parents, we have come to know that due to this counseling they now stand at a better position regarding their children and are intent on helping them to their utmost ability.
The report card day also brought with it some results and individual achievements that we can be really optimistic about. One such achievement would be of Sumi Sultna’s, daughter of Arun Mia, who is the gatekeeper of the EK school building. Sumi made her father proud by attaining first postion in her grade 5 exams. We acknowledge her achievement and wish her the best for her future exams.
All in all, we concluded report card day with a smile as we had achieved our goal of letting the children know where they stood after a whole academic year and what they needed to do to improve themselves.

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