Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A fundraising event was held on the 22nd of June .
It was a garage sale being conducted by Ibrahim.
Sent by FVDEarlier, Maria and Sharon had brought with them some clothes for The Dhaka Project when they flew into Dhaka. As they left early, Ibrahim decided to sell those clothes and use it to raise some money for The Dhaka Project.
Sent by FVDThe clothes were sold to the parent’s of the community by Ibrahim. A total of 7,000.00 BDT was raised from the garage sale.Not only was the garage sale benefiting for us but also for the parent’s and the children who hardly get to buy such clothes due to their poor financial state.
We are thankful to Maria and Sharon for bringing those clothes for The Dhaka Project and to Ibrahim for carrying out the task on behalf of selling those clothes to the parents.Also our gratitude goes to all donors in Dubai who used to fill our storage room with all kinds of items.
Unfortunately, we lost the mezzanine and the new drop-off point is yet to be known !

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