Thursday, July 16, 2009


Despite 5th of July being a hectic day with all the report cards being distributed and the prize giving ceremony being held, The Dhaka Project did not forget to celebrate a very special occasion. It was a birthday!
But not just any birthday, it was Jewel's birthday, who is currently working as the volunteer manager and has been with The Dhaka Project since the very beginning.
We had a surprise planned from him and it was a successful one as he looked in awe when he found everyone gathered around him singing to him the old words once again "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
During this time, he kept on repeating how happy and surprised he was which symbolized what the whole thing really meant to him.
Anyway, we the brought in the birthday cake and placed it in front of the already overwhelmed man. Trust me when I say this, as soon as he saw the little surprise that we arranged for him, his entire face bloomed open as if he had struck gold!!!
Jewel then went on to cut the cake and distributed it amongst his office collegues, each time thanking them for the huge surprise.
All in all, it was a pleasure celebrating the birthday of a man who has spent such a long time with The Dhaka Project and has dedicated his days to serving the poor and needy.
The Dhaka Project congratulates Jewel and wishes him all the best for his future?

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