Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Having previously looked at the dental and hygiene records of the children at the daycare, playgroup, nursery and senior section of our school, The Dhaka Project was quite concerned. Just as when things did not look encouraging, we were blessed with some very essential donations from Mr. Marcello, a well wisher of The Dhaka Project. Accordingly, we wasted no time in distributing those benefits to every needy children of our school.Um de Junho...tdp teamA total of 461 students were supplied with the daily necessities, each receiving a tooth brush, a tooth paste and soap. An achievement indeed! The fact that the distribution was a success was vividly upheld as the numbers ending up at the dental care center, run by The Dhaka Project reduced. We hope that the children are soon freed of such hazardous hygiene problems.Um de Junho... tdp teamOur heartiest gratitude to Mr. Marcello who has made a major contribution in the development of a better and healthier life for the children of The Dhaka Project.

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