Sunday, July 5, 2009


On the 20th of June, Tahira, James and Shimul decided to give the children an experience to be remembered. They had a movie night on her mind. Accordingly, The Dhaka Project backed them up and arranged a place where the children could sit and enjoy a movie. The best that we could avail was the roof of our Dhaka Project school-senior section building. Since we were to display the movie on a projector screen, the wise decision, of showing the movie at night was taken.
Then came the decision of choosing which movie to play. We gave it a thought and after a while we had our answer. What better way to entertain the children than to play to them the DISNEY ANIMATION box office hit - "Kungfu Panda". A treat indeed!!
The fact that the children were enjoying the movie can clearly be seen through this picture as all heads remained unmoved and untilted until the movie actually ended!! Remarkable?..
Tahira's mission was a success as she stood among the delighted children, enjoying her moment???
We dearly thank Tahira for all her efforts to rejuvenate the lives of the children at The Dhaka Project and appreciate the kindness that she has shown towards our project and towards our children?

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