Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Dhaka Project kept being helped thanks to the coordination of Cristiana and the cooperation given by many flight members who have flown to Dhaka in June.
This continuous work provides all sort of items to be available to our children and their parents,... shirts, trousers, ladies' clothes, jackets, boys' clothes, girls' clothes, babys' clothes & bibs, adults clothes, flip-flops, kids shoes & socks, t-shirts, pants, bags & backpacks, books & pencils , shampoo & conditioners, shower gel, body lotion, shavers, soap, etc. previously donated by the kind people in Dubai.
A few crew members also took their own donations.
Huge thanks to the following EK crew members:
Laura Blundell (PUR), Nathalie Decarroux, Ali Cengiz, Petra Jezova, Christina Smith, Jelena Narancic, Iza Alcarazs, DongYi Shin, Natasha Ridewood, Carlos, Acqueena Ferreira, Samuel Whitcombe, Rodrigo Monegatto, Susanna Kee, Amanda Kacomanolis, Lai Lee, Danka Drca, Tahnee Mckay, Anna Esguera, Sandra Kwon, Roda Adel Ajami, David Ring (Captain), Talal Harb, Betty Liauw, Ashleigh Ferreira, Kotomi Mizuguchi, David Ring (Captain), Adriana Soster, Naeem Basser (Capt.), Karim Mzoughi (Purser), Betty Liauw, Sumittra P., Cristiana Naufel, Daniel Candian yrs), Lenka Tomova, Isgouhi, Rummel Francisco and Adam (co-pilot).Their help on carrying small packs as the ones in the picture above is an excellent contribution to keep The Dhaka Project a different place where children can face a new future !
Also thanks to Cristiana for the huge task of coordination she took on her shoulders, and the delivery to crew members, and to Solange who took many clothes to Cristiana's house !

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