Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A few days back The Dhaka Project managed to proceed to the very successful distribution of the huge donation come from Shoe Mart in Dubai.The first worry, after realising how lucky we had been when getting this surprising and impressing gift, was how to carry so many shoes to Dhaka once they should be safely routed to their target, the children, being a complicated logistics task to get all there, parcel by parcel, through volunteers or flight crew members who volunteered to do it.Then The Dhaka Project got another big surprise. The longest and biggest supporter of TDP, Emirates Airline Foundation, provided a way of getting all these shoes (and more items) to the field if accompanied by volunteers who could offer their time and passion towards this mission, having 3 of them, Maria, Sharon and Ibrahim kindly been able to donate their time to do it.The Dhaka Project dedicates a huge and heartful thanks not only once again to Shoe Mart but also to Emirates Foundation who made this dream come true as well as Maria Conceicao, always concerned about her children, Sharon D'Sousa, a long, long time supporter and volunteer Ibrahim Al-Maleh, having all done an extreme sacrifice to get there with almost half a ton of donations and do the distribution to the children, keeping steady from the beginning to the end against all odds!

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