Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The Dhaka Project is successfully observing the declared “Community Service Week”. On the third day of the program, it was scheduled as “Listening to Sufferings of the People” & “Registering the Problems Encountered”.
This time TDP team went to Gawair MajhiBari slum community to visit their current standing. On this occasion, we preferred those places mostly inhabited by the underprivileged. All these families live in rented house where a single room cost 800 BDT. Average monthly income of these families is not more than 3000 BDT and in most of the places either father or mother is employed.Rasel & Arif, students of TDP School have two more siblings and they all live in a single room with their parents. Azizur Rahman, their father said, “Being a day-laborer, I used to earn 150-200 BDT per day. Few days back, I slipped from the roof of a building while working and my hand got injured. Now, I can’t work full day though I need to buy medicine as well. I don’t know how I will pay house-rent of the coming month”.There are other problems also. 57 years old Joynal Abedin, working as a Mason use to earn 250 BDT each day and live in a rented single room. He has 5 children and Shanta, Joynal’s wife is a house-maid and they are expecting one more toddler! Shanta was complaining, “He doesn’t prefer family-planning or visiting doctors and never listen to me”.TDP team monitored all these community issues, listened to their problems, gave necessary advice where needed and took notes for future. People shared their feelings with utter interest and thanked TDP for its concern.
The Dhaka Project thanks those disadvantaged populace for sharing their time with us.

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