Saturday, October 10, 2009


The Dhaka Project always tries to reach the children with excitement. After a brief discussion, a team is formed to give the children an experience to be remembered. What if we offer them a movie night!! We selected the roof of TDP School-senior section building as the place where the children could enjoy a movie. Since we were going to display the movie on a projector screen, it was obvious to show the movie when darkness prevailed. So, it’s fixed on 8th of October at 6:00 pm.
Then, we had to choose which movie to play. We gave it a thought and after a brief brain-storming we got the queue. Let them have a ride to the magic world; yes, we offered them to be mesmerized by the magic spell of “Harry Potter-Chamber of Secrets”. Children were crowding from 5:30 pm at the TDP School gate & impatiently waiting for the show.
However, the show began exactly at 6:00 pm.
Something more was waiting….Ferre, children’s favorite volunteer, offered some snacks & beverage (Tang, an orange drink) for the children during the interval. The Dhaka Project gravely appreciates his concern for the kids.
What about the children? They were entirely overwhelmed by the film as all heads remained unmoved except bursting out in laughter or shivered with thrilling until the last scene and couldn’t escape the spell of magic even after the end!!
Success of The Dhaka Project's initiative was painted on the face of delighted children, enjoying their moment.
We dearly thank the entire TDP team, attendants & guards for all their efforts to ensure the hit of the program. We appreciate the dedication of TDP School teacher, Mr. Nurul Abedin & Ms. Mirza Sonia for being part of this event. Once again we thank Ferre for the kindness he has shown towards our children.

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