Monday, October 19, 2009


'We will share what we have learnt' – keeping this message in mind, students of TDP School observed the day as “Signature Day” on 15th October 2009.
Objective of the day was to identify illiterate individual and teach them to write their name as a signature in the register copies. Then they would be given a sheet to practice writing their name on it.
There were 4 groups comprising 3 students in each group moved towards The TDP school lane, Gawair Bazar Road, Kazibari Road & Majibari Road with a teacher in-charge to supervise that the students followed the instruction and executed their duty in the proper way.Students were excited & enthusiastic in performing their task and almost 100 people of different age and profession registered their signature. Since the children were the protagonists of this social event the community people co-operated them with delight.
We thank Dulce, TDP volunteer for promoting and encouraging the students.With this event the week long “Community Service Week” came to an end after successfully celebrating different social awareness programs through out the week.

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