Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is the high time to show tribute to Maria Conceicao, Founder of The Dhaka Project who help the slum dwellers of Dhaka to lift themselves out of the downward spiral of life and provide them with basic education and life skills such as, social, vocational, and work skills as well as shelter, clean water, nutritious food, medical and dental care.
We are proud that, she is nominated as one of the four finalists for the prestigious award, Emirates Woman of the Year Awards 2009 in Humanitarians - Charity category by the Emirates Airlines for her contribution in social development & poverty alleviation.
To support this concern, The Dhaka Project is declaring this month of October as the “Voting Month” for Maria. Many parents of the 500 children who are at TDP School as well as more than 80 staffs of the Project will be casting their votes throughout the month; we will also encourage all well-wishers to join this voting.
The Dhaka Project believes that, she is undoubtedly the best runner for this award. We are requesting everyone to visit the following link to cast their vote.

The deadline for voting is on November,1st.

Thank you for your vote!

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