Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A Demonstration & Art Competition to celebrate the aura of World Hand-washing Day was held at The Dhaka Project School roof-top yesterday. The first part of the program was a practical session to revise & demonstrate several issues like,...
a) what the children know about hand wash?
b) how to prevent transmission of Bacteria or germs?
12 groups comprising 5 students in each, demonstrated how to wash hand properly after an oral instruction by Faria, TDP Family Counselor.Later on, all the participants joined a Poster Drawing Competition to draw a poster on the topic – Hand-wash and Hygiene. Children started painting their mind on the art paper. They were given 45 minutes to finish their drawing. After that, the judges selected three representations to award the winners. It is worth noting that, judges were amazed by the skill these youngsters had shown and got startled to find out the best.Before the prize giving session, Faria gave a brief speech to remind the children about necessary steps to be followed for a hygienic daily life.
Then Dr. Jahid, TDP Medical In-charge announced the name of the winners. Each member of Second Runner-up group got a beautiful Soap-case.
1st Runner-up group got 100 ml Shampoo for each.
The winner group was given 5 colorful T-shirts which were sponsored by Ferre, TDP Volunteer.Afterward, 60 packets of biscuits were distributed among all the participants who took part in the competition.
We thank all the teachers and student volunteers for their help in organizing the event.
A very special thanks to Ferre once again.

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