Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A Special Season is arriving and once again there was Dubai British School organizing a campaign on behalf of the poor kids, ex-slum dwellers, now at The Dhaka Project.
It's the already very familiar Shoebox Event in which the students at DBS felt gladly motivated to present our kids with surprise shoeboxes containing all sorts of gifts, namely sweets, toiletries, stationary, clothes, toys, games... and what their imagination thought our kids would love.
Added to the Shoebox campaign, the involvement in Dubai British School extended to fund raising where Kim Gammage and the pupils collected a nice amount that they also donated to TDP; 2747 Dirhams !
Eileen McKeever and Kim Gammage appear as having been highly committed in this event, but we believe that most teachers if not all and all students at DBS have formed a massive team to help our kids once again.On behalf of our children we send a massive thank you to all in Dubai British School specially addressing to Eileen Mckeever, Kim Gammage and the students for their enthusiastic commitment to help the poorest !!!
And thank you to our volunteer Sharon who, once again drove alone to the other end of the city to collect this huge donation of items and deliver it at our mezzanine store !

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