Saturday, December 27, 2008


Our garage sale is keeping up spite of having been slowing down.
In this special season and due to many related factors, the volunteers' availability has turned a little down...
Once again we should refer the huge solidarity come from our donors who have filled up the store. We had to use another space to keep all the donations; this is a sure sign showing how the Dubai people keep concerned about those less privileged... as seen in previous entries in this blog, almost all donors come forward to deliver their used items (sometimes brand new items) at our drop-off point, so keeping Solange Fortuna really busy in the organization of the donations...
Here follows a list of donors who offered their items or their work towards The Dhaka Project; possibly some of them haven't been able to deliver their donations due to some kind of problem and surely a huge number of them have done it anonymously.
  • Mafalda Godinho, offered clothes from Portugal; obviously not possible. The necessary logistics would have a huge price due to freight plus rights at Dhaka side.
  • Blessy Varghese, offered "ladies clothes, baby clothes and toys".
  • Cyd Vargas and staff at his company, "gathered gifts for the children in Dhaka".
  • Matt Potts, offered "a lot of clothes, bedding, towels, shoes...".
  • Suzanne Nicholas, offered "a box full of nik naks, cds, dvds, books, ladies clothes, baby items, etc".
  • Tom Mannion and Chi Chung Wong, offered to take suitcases to Dhaka.
  • Sandra's sons Lucas and Devin have been helping with school photos sale in the school to raise funds.
...A true movement around a cause, the cause of the poorest.
And finally the volunteers of the weekly Friday Garage Sales:
  • 12th DEC. Maria, Nurul, John, Dash and Herman sold items worth 949.00 Dirhams.
  • 19th DEC. Herman Tanielu, crew with Emirates, and Nurul Islam, have run the sale having raised 855.00 Dirhams.
  • 26th DEC. Herman Tanielu and Nurul Islam took care of this Friday sale fundraising 2,375.00 Dirhams.
  • 27th Dec. Nurul Islam did more sales worth 521.00 Dirhams.
Solange Fortuna is the store manager for this month and of course is who takes care of the tidiness in the store spending a lot more hours in the store... with the cooperation of Lucas and Devin whenever possible.
To all who dedicatedly and passionately donate and work to give our children a better and rewarding life, here is our thank you on behalf of them!

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