Thursday, December 25, 2008


Lorena Serrano, a Venezuelan crew with Emirates and member of a latino-group named The Athletae Christi, requested us to send someone to do a presentation about The Dhaka Project to explain our activities to the group. The presentation has been trusted to Alexander Allen, a volunteer who has already been to Dhaka for a few times and the author of a Volunteer Manual published in our Official Website and linked in this blog.
Lorena also announced that the group wished to donate towards The Dhaka Project and raised the amount of 5,550.00 Dirhams that they handed to Alex, the representative sent by Maria Conceicao.
Also an Anonymous donor made a precious donation of 750.00 Dirhams to The Dhaka Project, in his solidarity spirit, which will represents a great difference to us.
Huge thanks to Lorena Serrano and her Athletae Christi group, and to the above Anonymous donor, for being sensible to our work and kindly be wishing to donate towards The Dhaka Project children.
And also thank you to Alexander Allen for willingly donating his time, skills and supportting expenses to perform this task.

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