Sunday, December 7, 2008

THE DHAKA PROJECT SAYS THANKS... the following donors...
  • Paulo Fonte, Coimbra - Portugal, for his donation of 400.00 Euros recently transferred to the Austrian account, not being the first time this donor comes forward to help us with such a pretty amount.
  • Sharon D'Sousa, Dubai - UAE, donated 700.00 Dirhams towards the sponsorship of Annonya; added to the D'Sousa Family's support along the years.
  • Guy Brownlee, Dubai - UAE, delivered 4,150.00 Dirhams, fundraised through his ID Card sale initiative. Big part of this amount came from good hearted people who added donations when getting to know Guy's work on behalf of TDP.
  • Anonymous donor, donation of 300.00 Dirhams + 45,674.00 Taka.
  • Jana, - donated 2,000.00 Taka + a few Dirhams directly in the field to sponsor a child.
Without your help they would still be in the streets !
Summing all these donations we realize how they make a huge difference in the lives of these children.
Thank you very much to the donators above who gave us a helping hand towards breaking the cycle of poverty in Bangladesh, on behalf of our children !!!

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