Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Celebration of Independence Day

The Dhaka Project family organized a cultural program to celebrate the independence day of Bangladesh in the school premises. It was a colorful day for all the students, teachers and the employees of The Dhaka Project. A series of events were beautifully organized by Mr Nazrul where the participants were mostly students backed by some of the Teachers, Doctors, Faria and our new volunteer Julie as well.

These events included group song from students of different age and class, individual performance and some very exciting, ethical and hygiene drama. These events showed the urge of students’ for developing themselves in order to live in a developed country. The teachers helped the students while performing by playing different musical instruments.

The most fascinating outcome which was realized was the natural talent of the student in such activities. The students together with the improvement in study are also showing their cultural endowment through such program. The most promising was a kid who performed a solo song. Everyone attained the event was astonished by her singing skill.

Altogether the celebration was a charm to the daily life stepping of The Dhaka Project family. Everybody’s participation proved that The Dhaka Project is a happy family.

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