Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today our team of volunteers in Dubai have run the first Flea Market Sale.
Talking about solidarity and support this was a wonderful day!
Some time before Solange had spent a whole night organizing the items to be taken to this new sales point.
It's all for them !
Cooperated in this sale :
  • Maria, Nurul and Herman from 6:30 AM, meaning that all had to get up very, very early .
  • Tanvir from 6:45 AM though having a flight to India, was there untill the latest hour before catching the flight at 1 PM .
  • Greshma and 3 friends from 9 AM, who drove from Abu Dhabi to help, who have been true jewels with their precious help .
  • Josh Last from 9 AM, working for "A Better Life" at TDP .
  • Josh's parents, Mr John Last and his wife from 9 AM .
All the participants have lent so much tender and enthusiasm working with much dedication and passion all day along!...
However it was a very difficult day, being a hard resistance test, a hard probation to all !
It rained so much for almost four hours, with lightenings, thunders, floods, that all of us got wet, being amazing to see all volunteers staying steady and helping,... when we get confronted with such a spirit of union we feel we can have faith in the human kindness !
The sales brought an income of 1,625.00 Dirhams. Not too bad for a first time on a day like this !!!
Mr. John Last and his wife went home to empty their car while the others kept selling and then they came back to help us take the donations not sold and mostly wet, back to our mezzanine. What golden hearts we've got with us, staying there completely wet in a helpful spirit !
Thank you so much to all from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of The Dhaka Project children !!!

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