Friday, December 5, 2008


The young Liam completed his 8th anniversary last week, and decided to donate his birthday presents to a charity, and after having been shown some charities by his mum Sharin Fitter, and having watched The Dhaka Project on-line video in our website he preferred to offer a donation to the Dhaka Project rather than unwrapping his presents .
Then they sent invitations to Liam's class in Kings Dubai and on the day of his party all arrived with envelopes and gave them to Liam.
The children were very proud of their contributions and Liam was really related to the on-line video and all really think they have made a difference to the lives of these people... and what a difference!
And it was a great success having Liam collected 2,500.00 Dirhams in his party on behalf of The Dhaka Project, but getting to know about this more children from Kings Dubai expressed their wish to contribute to The Dhaka Project.
We wish to congratulate and say thank you to Liam and his friends for their contribution and yet to Sharin for having a boy with such a golden heart, on behalf of our children cared by The Dhaka Project!!!

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