Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We have good news ! Our donators are being so generous...! So generous that our store manager, Solange Piñeiro, spends most of her time working hard to get the store tidy and donations organized... many times till late in the night... and almost the same happens with other volunteers... so generous that our volunteers have already had to recurr to another store to keep and sort items.Not far behind we got a truck load delivered in our store already mentioned and more recently we got a huge load of boxes brought to us by Sharon that will be a very nice surprise and make the delights of our kids in Dhaka; soon we will be publishing the details in this blog.
All this kindness from donors and all the work of our volunteers deserved a long sheet describing their hard work!
And during last month, among all other tasks along the busy month, they have run a few Holiday garage sales, as follows:
  • 14th Nov - Solange Piñeiro and Nurul Islam sold items worth 890.00 Dirhams.
  • 21st Nov - Solange Piñeiro and Nurul Islam again have got sales worth 230.00 Dirhams.
  • 28th Nov - Nurul Islam run the garage sale alone having sold items worth of 1,880.00 Dirhams.
And Dubai volunteers are approaching new horizons to run more garage sales in local fairs that means more work on the shoulders of our volunteers but hopefully also means more income towards The Dhaka Project.Thanks to all countless donors who keep donationg to us.
And thanks to all volunteers involved namely Sharon for collecting a huge set of boxes and driving through Dubai to bring them to our store, Solange Piñeiro, Solange Fortuna and Nurul Islam for all the hard work and availability.
Thanks for the lovely and heartful dedication to our children !!!

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