Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Report Card Day @ The Dhaka Project

The first Half Yearly Exam of the schools under The Dhaka Project started on 29th November and ended successfully on 7th December. It was decided a month ago and as scheduled the report card day was on 20th December. The announcement was done continuously so that all the parents come and meet the teachers and know about their child’s performance.

The Report Card Day started at 10:00 in the morning. Most of the parents came to collect the report cards of their children except few of the garment workers. As directed, respective class teachers were in the class room to counsel the parents and along with the kids. To our outmost astonishment we saw that few guardians were very concerned about their child’s education. Few of them wanted to see the teachers again to know more about improving the learning method.

The parents for the first time got to know what the kids have studied during the first half of the session. Those who had a wrong concept of making their kids work were flushed with ideas of getting them educated. There were few parents who wanted to know about the syllabus of next half of the session. They emphasized on the importance of books for the kids and we are trying to provide the books by the first week of January.

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