Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The Dhaka Project makes me extremely happy as it sets out on its own in a world filled with possibilities. With great pride, I announce that the TDP is taking a bold new step in independently running its affairs, while staying true to the original spirit of its founders.
The new team of council members and project managers will be much more involved than ever before, and my mission to give the project a financial boost has also come true.
It has been an amazing 40 months during which we have led the organization and its children towards interesting and fulfilling goals – the recent trip to Germany, Emirates Airlines and the Le Meridien Hotel recruiting our volunteers, the Emirates Foundation sponsoring the next five years, and a major funding approval from Dubai Cares awaited soon.
This means a lot to all of us. It now allows me to focus on starting something new.
Given the success, I feel confident that the Project has reached self-sustainability, and will be successfully run from Jan 2009 by the Dubai based TDP Council and the Dhaka based RFS and local Project Managers
The newly registered RSF:Dhaka Project Dubai office legal structure and organisational set-up give me the feeling that all the good work that we've put into building The Dhaka Project to where it is to-day now has a chance to live beyond its Founder and through 200 years and more!
The main beneficiary? The delightful kids...
I wish the Project a successful future, and hope my initial thoughts of rescuing the underprivileged from the slums of Dhaka will continue to be the true spirit of the project going forward.
As always, I shall remain available for the Project, the children, the council and the Project Managers whenever required.
Thank you for all your support,

Maria Conceicao
Founder, The Dhaka Project.

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