Saturday, October 4, 2008


Lets show our gratefullness to relatively recent donators who have shown their kindness towards our mission with the kids at TDP.

One donation came from Claude Camerelli who works for Emirates Airline in Dubai. He made his donation spread by several months since January 2008 by 10 bank checks of 500 Dirhams each to be deposited every month... a total of 5000 Dirhams. Besides this donation Claude is highly motivated and determined to do awareness on the project.

Another donation has been done by a few people in Corroios, Portugal all who were involved are members of the local Cursillo Movement, formed by two personal donations, some funds got in T-shirts sales and the rest raised by members who take part in a singing group and decided to dedicate it to The Dhaka Project, being the total amount donated 735 Euros.

On behalf of our kids we say our grateful thank you to Claude Camerelli and to these Cursillo members in Corroios, for having come forward to give their contribution to help our kids at The Dhaka Project.

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