Sunday, October 26, 2008


The people at JESS Schools have organized an event to help The Dhaka Project through their annual table top sale.
Dawn Murphy, who works for JESS, reported these good news about the sale that took place in the 3rd weekend of October, and resulted in a fundraise of 650 AED by selling several items and where Dawn's work colleagues donated innumerous items to be sold and even her little 8 year old sister wished to donate a portion of her sale (toys, shoes, clothes, etc.) to help our children.
They felt it to be a nice opportunity for them to realize just how lucky they are to live in Dubai and give a little back to those less fortunate.

... our kids adding a special thank you to their friends at JESS...
And we feel in deep gratitude for this gesture come from Dawn Murphy and JESS staff to help a noble cause, and wish to express it on behalf of our children at The Dhaka Project.
Thank you !

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