Thursday, October 23, 2008


Four of the children who are under the care of The Dhaka Project, Sujon, Anannya, Sabina, and Mosharof have recently been selected to represent The Dhaka Project at The International Schools' Festival in Germany.
These children were rescued from the slums of Dhaka and given food, shelter and education. They can now converse in fluent English and have the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with any other child. Without the Project these children wouldn't be able to have three meals a day, probably would be begging in the streets or working underpaid in garments industry !And soon they will conquer the skies and work as ambassadors of Bangladesh in foreign lands...
The tour will take place from 24th Oct to 3rd November in Germany and 3 more days in Dubai. They will attend five functions and a radio interview at German Radio Deutsche Welle and do some sight seeing, having the opportunity to talk about their daily life in Bangladesh.
The kids are trained for a poem recitation and two Bangla songs.
Shafiqur Rahman Jewel has been chosen and will be accompanying the kids.
We feel enthusiastic and in deep gratitude for this kind gesture to our kids, sponsored by HELP-DE, with the commitment of Bianca Kaltschmitt who has been taking care of all so that this dream finally come true.
Thank you Bianca and HELP-DE on behalf of our kids. This will be a great boost to our work !

And thank you to Hanif and EK as well as the UAE Ambassador for helping in processing visas for the kids and Jewel for Dubai, also having paid the visas in advance due to project cash flow problems ...
The children have been trained by a volunteer about etiquette . Also a volunteer donated some dresses for the kids that they will use in Germany. We also bought shoes and gloves that the kids will need, as the temperature there is very low. Principals, 3 volunteers and including the Project Director himself have trained the kids about manners and behaviours.
This success has been achieved also thanks to our Founder Maria, all Volunteers, Supporters and Sponsors as well as the Staff at The Dhaka Project !

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