Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The Dhaka Project is really lucky for having friends like Werner Linsham, Captain with Emirates Airline who is permanently involved in so many ways, aiming to bring a better life to the kids rescued from the slums of Dhaka, now under our care.
has carried lots of suitcases to Dhaka, he has got dozens of sponsors to our kids specially from Austria, he has made so many visits to the project each time he flew to Dhaka...And a few days ago he has transferred the amount donated by countless sponsors to The Dhaka Project, showing his persistent volunteer work, collecting and organizing everything to get these 30,000.00 Dirhams, that hopefully will be possible to get released...
A BIG THANK YOU to Captain Werner, not forgetting all the sponsors with him, on behalf of the kids and all who benefit of this enourmous spirit of work and gift!

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