Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Our children wish to present their deep gratitude to our Founder, Maria Conceicao, who started it all more than 3 years ago.
Thanks to her vision and inittiative they were rescued from the slums of Dhaka where they lived in appaling conditions of misery, hunger and unsafety.
And most of them still remember those harder times when they had to walk barefoot and almost naked having to hang around begging to take some income to the house, (hut) before being brought from the streets and given full time education, medical and dental assistance, food...

And as they say, they miss her !

And about Richard Ng... well, his history with the project and these kids began a long time ago; he has given his time and his high qualifications to help, not only while being in the field, what happened countless times, but also from his home... now being our Volunteer Coordinator.

Captain Marcelo Taborda embraced the project full of stamina what can be checked by searching this blog to see how many suitcases he handled in only one day trip to Dhaka... also highly active in our garage sales as well as all kind of continuous support .

And the co-webmaster who helps us to update our website and blog by which the world gets to know what we do.
All what these volunteers can do is feeling grateful and proudly amazed for having been targeted with these smiles... the smiles come from the poorest children living in one of the poorest countries all over the world !

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