Thursday, October 30, 2008


Guy Brownlee, a Captain with Emirates had a very creative idea!
After losing his ID Card he used his inventive ability to produce a new one, not likely to be lost. This is double sided holding two different cards used to access the premises and yet a JV SIM Disc if needed, all arranged in such a way that it's possible to take one of the cards without causing the other to fall out.
He decided to make more ID Cards like this and sell to his colleagues, promising that a portion of the proceeds would go for a charity, and after a 'family council' The Dhaka Project was the lucky one chosen by his children to benefit of this great idea !
And he made some awareness to his colleagues at the training college, having had such a good response from them that he is planning to extend the offer to pilots and even crew at Emirates.
The dhaka Project Kids say THANK YOU to Brownlee and his kids...
Our grateful thank you to Cpt Guy Brownlee and his children on behalf of our kids at The Dhaka Project who will be provided a step towards a better future life through this wonderful initiative.

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