Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Mikey Leung and Belinda Meggitt who are the the owners of the website JOYBANGLA.INFO, both photographers, have been roaming all over Bangladesh to capture the Bangladeshi beauty.
They organized a photo exhibition at Bagga Club, in Dhaka, having sold a couple of pictures, postcards and greeting cards.
And they had decided, as reported in a previous post about Joy Bangla, they would donate a portion of the profit achieved in the photo presentation to The Dhaka Project, having fundraised 13.000 BDT and got some awesome volunteers to the project.
Korvi Rakshand, The Dhaka Project's Director was with them in the weekend explaining the visitors about the project and selling materials from TDP's sewing center.
Thanks to Mikey and Belinda for supporting the kids at The Dhaka Project !

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