Saturday, October 18, 2008


Nurul Islam, a man who never even dreamt of 3 proper meals let alone to his own luck, is now working as Junior Office Clerk at Emirates.
Thanks to Scoot Williams, Nasreen, Kavya , Emirates and Maria.
Three years ago Maria started the The Dhaka Project with families and kids suffering in the Korail Slum, fighting for their miserable life and food in a poor Country like Bangladesh. Nurul was one of them.
Previously Nurul used to do random work like selling fish on the streets and helping local underpaid carpenters.
Maria promised a better life with education, medication, employment and shelter. He was brought to Gawair, where The Dhaka Project started its journey with 39 kids in a small room. Nurul and his wife, Hamida rented a room paid by the project and gave their first step towards a good future. Nurul wanted to learn driving as he had a thought that driving would help him to earn a good amount of money so he was admitted to the driving school.
By the time The Dhaka Project launched their first Grocery Shop to help the Gawair community. As Nurul didn't want to leave The Dhaka Project though he had learned driving he was taken charge of the grocery shop. His performance impressed Maria and yet gave him a better position in The Dhaka Project Cloth Shop where he worked for two months.
Hamida was not left behind; she started to take training as a beautician from volunteers coming to the project. She is grateful to Grace and Aruna, two volunteers, who taught beauty tips to Hamida and a few women. She works now as Dhaka Project's beautician and supervises the grooming of the children supported by the project.
Both of them were enrolled in the English classes of Adult Development Program to get basic education and Nurul developed skills to work as an Office Assistant. Finally, in December 2007, Nurul started to work at The Dhaka Project office as an Office Assistant. Maria noticed that Nurul improved his skills significantly and gave a thought that he might be able to work for Emirates.
Nurul started to work harder, gave extra time in learning Communicational English and maintenance.
Suddenly on 04-06-08, Scott Williams from Emirates HR took his interview at The Dhaka Project and confirmed his job in Dubai Emirates.
Nasreen and Kavya from Dubai Emirates processed Nurul's documents regarding employment and on 14th OCT he flew to Dubai over EK583. An unexpected dream came true!
Things would have been different if Maria was not in Bangladesh to help these unprivileged kids and families, and this woudn't have been possible without the hundreds of volunteers, donators and sponsors who have kept the project alive and growing. And thanks to Shimul, our Adult Development Manager, for the good job done in helping Nurul to reach his goals.
We symbolize his employment as an encouragement to other staff members and students enrolled in the Adult Development Program.

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