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In, Sunday 28 Sep, 2008
Dhaka Project appeals for healthcare volunteers
An appeal for Professional Medical Help From Volunteer Doctors/Nurses/Paramedics.
Children under the care of The Dhaka Project are given medical care and attention besides being fed, housed, clothed and educated. We depend on the help of volunteer medical professionals to give our kids regular medical checks so they remain healthy, through early detection of illnesses and diseases.
Medical follow up care is also provided ensuring that our children’s good health is closely monitored.
Volunteer Nurses are required to teach our adult staff members First Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and good hygiene so that our kids receive proper medical care through professionally trained staff. Paramedics are needed to serve the daily medical needs of those who require immediate medical care. Paramedics help us meet the daily functional need.
Without volunteer medical personnel, our children will not be able to have their health properly looked after as local medical costs are high and donated funds are insufficient to pay for the healthcare of our 600 children.
The Dhaka Project appeals to the public for generous support and help from the medical fraternity to come visit Dhaka and contribute to a noble and worthy cause.
Maria Conceicao
The Dhaka Project

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