Thursday, October 9, 2008


A big fundraising event to the children at The Dhaka Project has taken place at Jebel Ali Primary School . The entire school got involved in this action having managed to raise the huge amount of 22,779.25 Dirhams.
And that's not all ! In addition they have made donations of shoes, much appreciated by our children, books and clothes as well as teaching aids which is highly valuable to The Dhaka Project.
We are really grateful to Jebel Ali School and the students, teachers and staff there, for their involvement to provide this generous funds donation, and all other donations, not forgetting their constant supply of books and teaching aids, so showing the way how they concern about our kids in Dhaka.
And we really appreciate Librarian Angela's tireless efforts to keep an eye out for books for us.
And also our gratitude to Sharon who drove from the other side of the city to collect all the donations above at her own expenses.
Thank you all on behalf of the kids at The Dhaka Project for the big difference made!

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