Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Dhaka Project has achieved a great deal of its visibility through various ways. One of these means is the mass media. And of course, as 'a picture is worth a thousand words' , the videos that permit us to show our work to the world are essential tools to help keeping us moving ahead.
And thinking of this, we feel to be our duty to write about the way how Tony French is passionately dedicated to the project and our children.
He has visited the action field in Dhaka a few times to produce updated videos on the project but he is not just the movie producer ! He is the gentleman who we address whenever we need tens of video DVDs to ensure we have means to show the project's work in meetings or fundraising events.
And there is always Tony willingly responding to our needs so permitting us to keep all running.
We wish to address our gratitude for the huge and much appreciated help of Tony French who, sharing our dream, dedicates lots of his precious time getting all the DVDs ready to us and for free.

Thank you Tony on behalf of The Dhaka Project kids !

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