Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Jutekompaniet is a new business aiming to provide environmentally friendly jute shopping bags produced in Bangladesh for the Norwegian market that is looking to launch the first product and intending to send a portion of the profit back to Bangladesh via a charity organisation, having chosen The Dhaka Project.
Their Website is here! (Updated)
The product to be launched will have the beautiful look as in the picture beside; Drammen is a city located some 25 miles Southwest of Oslo, the Norwegian capital city.
And we feel enthusiastic about their kindness, applauding and wishing to express the happiness and hope felt for this precious sponsorship coming forward to help us in our mission, and are at the same time hoping it to be a long partnership where all feel rewarded.

Thank you to Jutekompaniet on behalf of our children at The Dhaka Project !

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