Saturday, January 3, 2009

Creating Awareness about Childhood Blindness: Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus

The program was a conscious contribution of Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus to the children of The Dhaka Project. The main aim of the program was to create awareness and explain the ways to take precaution against Childhood Blindness.

Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus distributed Vitamin A Capsule for free among all the students in an attempt to prevent them from getting blind. On the other hand the children were also very probing to the club’s different and fancy approach of distributing the Vitamins. One of the members of the club dressed as Santa Clause and played with the children to bring some smiles on their faces.

The members of the club gave a presentation on the daily life hygiene. They also discussed about some general tips on some health issues such as, not to eat low quality candies, food those are expired, etc. They also came up with some interesting fairy tales to make the children understand how such things can be harmful. The student listened to them very carefully and it seemed they learned what he presented.

The playful and caring manner of Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus boosted children’s courage making them believe that The Dhaka Project family is not alone on this journey.

Once again thanks a lot to the Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Club for thinking and caring about our kids.

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