Saturday, January 3, 2009

Adult Development Exam

Manufacturing Industries are looking for educated, cheap and skilled labours from developing countries like Bangladesh, Burma and other Asian countries. The continuous demand of such labours was also noticed by The Dhaka Project. From the beginning of the project our Project Founder, Maria Conceicao consistently kept on training the poor local people to help them get a good job for their survival. Till now The Dhaka Project gave training to 32 women from the Sewing Section, 12 from the Beauty Section, 6 from the Driving Section and many more.

Currently The Dhaka Project is emphasizing on people who are working as day labour, mason, carpenters etc. These people have skill with no education. Here education means knowledge of Communication English, Basic Mathematical knowledge and Bangla. The project assumes that its not possible for all of them to go abroad as a result we included Bangla to make sure that the trainees can get a better job here in Dhaka also. As all of us know that Hotel Meridian gave job to 3 of our Adult Development Program students, publish in early blogs.

A month ago the Admin team of The Dhaka Project announced to all cleaners and guards under the project that they need to pass the first monthly exam to continue working at the project! The team thought we are providing a good future to the community people why not to the employees of the project. Because we can assure that they are skilled for hotel jobs, industry labour, beauty parlours and household works. What they need is an appropriate knowledge of how to take orders and follow them in an efficient way.

The exam was held on 2nd December. It was an hour exam. The question papers for the employees were different from those from local community of the project. The Adult Development Teachers allotted 15 marks for viva to check whether they can understand formal English required for such jobs. The employees were a bit worried and tensed as this was their first exam, could feel the pressure as they sat in the exam hall. Where as the students from the community were a bit relaxed. To motivate the examinees the team announced that the first 3 students will get a CV prepared by the office which will be prioritized when there is a demand from abroad.


A Burning Truth: She got burnt in the February 2008. The Dhaka Project helped her out with the medical expanses for her treatment. Now she is fine and doing her classes as she sees this program as a success and wants to proceed in life let the horrify memories of her terrible recent past. She is attending her classes regularly and the teachers are really happy with her performance.

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