Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Distribution @ The Dhaka Project

The blissful day at school is the day when students studies with new books. The smell and murmur sound of fresh new pages gives inspiration to the students. It seems the pitch dark letters of the new books are new best friends of the kids for the remaining session. In The Dhaka Project the day of joy, excitement and friendship with books was on 19th January by virtue of Chrysa Tsakopoulos, one of the greatest volunteer The Dhaka Project ever encountered. She was in Dhaka for very few days but with enormous dedication and promises. She gave these kids a dream and a path to reach their dream. All the students were given fresh new books for the remaining session of the year. The distribution was successfully done and ensured that no one was left from getting new books. The teachers are happy to teach with the new books as well. Parveen Sultana, Principal, Palash Roy, Vice Principle and the two coordinators worked in a much planned manner to execute the distribution program smoothly. It was held on the roof top of the school. Starting from junior classes, the entire student was given new books one by one. Those who were absent were listed and will get the books the next day after they attend the school. Thanks a lot to Chrysa Tsakopoulos for Making A Difference in lives of so many underprivileged Childeren.

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