Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shampoo Distribution

Hygiene is one of the major concerns of The Dhaka Project. We provide regular grooming, hand washing program and various others for improving the hygiene condition of the children. A donation of shampoo from Dubai was distributed among the kids. The hygiene conditions of the kids are ensured at school but at home it’s tough for them to buy a shampoo and remain clean. As a result the kids used to have dandruff and very scratchy skull. A total of five hundred kids were given shampoo to get rid of such problems. The kids were looking much fresh and comfortable. We care for every detail needs of these kids and our donors appreciate us by sponsoring various useful materials. We used to receive shampoo and soap from various Hotels but for last two months we did not get any such donation. We need attention for such donation. Thank you for supporting us.

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