Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Exhibition of The Dhaka Project Sewing Materials @ Hotel Westin

The Dhaka Project’s Sewing Sector produces some of the finest products in Bangladesh. To make more people aware of this we have launched a Exhibition at Hotel Westin from 1st December to 3rd January. It was held at the 1st floor lobby.

The exhibition attracted more people than expected. The quality of the handicraft product fascinated everybody. Visitors of the exhibition got to know about The Dhaka Project and its work towards the underprivileged children of Bangladesh. Together with the visitors’ appreciation for such an approach by The Dhaka Project, they contributed by buying products from the Exhibition.

To organize such a fruitful idea to promote The Dhaka Project, Mr. Mahabubur Rahman, Communication Director, Hotel Westin assisted us with his best. The program was monitored by Rossie, Project Manager and executed by Ms. Jessica, Volunteer, Ms. Julie, Volunteer, Mr. Shimul, Operation Manager, Mr. Azad, Proctor and Mr. Jewel, Volunteer Manager. These fellow members of The Dhaka Project family worked hard from 6pm to 8 pm everyday after office proving their liveliness for the Exhibition.

Apart from the moral prospect of the Exhibition it also earned around BDT. 22,000/- for The Dhaka Project. Few products were bought in high prices just as a contribution for helping the children. Many visitors of the exhibition were interested in helping the project in near future. All together it was a widely successful attempt to earn awareness and fund for the children of The Dhaka Project.

Thank to Hotel Westin and special thanks to Mr. Mahabubur Rahman for supporting our project.

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