Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lucy Ward's Experience at The Dhaka Project

I spent two weeks at The Dhaka Project and I loved every minute of it. All the children that attend the school there and even the ones that don't are a delight. I went with my friend, Kim, to teach a few children about Dubai, were we live, and the culture there. I have never been listened to with such intensity. They seemed to be hanging onto everything we said; it was an amazing site. I understand a bit more where the joy of teaching comes from. Unfortunately, with the time of year that we went the children had exams and the Eid holiday, so we didn't spend as much time teaching as we would have hoped. But we still walked around the Project and talked and played with the children.

It is a completely different world there. And how fantastic it is! The liveliness, the way everyone makes you feel welcome and no one more so than Jewel. He is the Volunteer Manager and he looked after the two of us. I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive Thank You to him from the bottom of my heart. There was never a dull moment!

I would recommend this experience to anyone that has a chance to do so. There are a wonderful number of opportunities there, other than teaching. So much can be done. I would love to go back and stay longer than two weeks. I could write on forever about my time there but I'll limit myself. Coming away, back to Dubai has really made me appreciate what I have. What seemed so simple and easy to do, like getting an education, is a privilege that I never really thought as a privilege; it was just a way of life. I realize now that it isn't but I believe that it should be. Those that agree with me all work at The Dhaka Project to help make this so and I commend them for that.

Lucy Ward
Volunteer from Dubai

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