Saturday, January 17, 2009


On the first Saturday of the year our volunteers in Dubai have run a sale for The Dhaka Project at Safa Park in Dubai.
They have selected a lot of beautiful and useful donations to sell, having raised the amount of 3.913,00 Dirhams in the second presence at this fair.
Thanks to our volunteers who attended this sale; Doyle, Theresa, Natalie who offered many nice donations fortunately almost all sold, a friend of Natalie, Nurul, Herman, Marcelo and a lady from Phillipines.
It was a very good outcome and also a great teamwork there,... one could feel the pleasure of being there with so many nice people, working towards a good cause.
Also in this same day we received a donation of 1,000.00 Dirhams, from Mr. Mohammed who we wish to address a grateful thanks.
A huge thank you to all on behalf of The Dhaka Project kids.

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